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eSign Help

Note: Using Internet Explorer is recommended. Please do not press the "back" button in your
while eSigning or open the disclosures in multiple tabs. This may result in an error and the
disclosures will not be able to be eSigned anymore.


If this is your first time eSigning disclosures you will be directed to a page that looks like this.
You will be asked to enter in the subject property address # as well as create an account.
Please enter in just the #, not the whole address!

Please use a password you can remember easily. Remember to check the box acknowledging
the ability to receive electronic documents.
If you have eSigned documents before you will
be taken to the sign-in page instead.
Please sign in using the password you have created.
If you forgot your password you may reset it using the "Forgot Password?" option.


You will receive an email asking you to click the link in your activation email. Once you have
activated your account you will first be asked to consent to receiving electronic documents, then
you may proceed with eSigning.

Select the first item under "My Tasks" to expand it.
Click on the eSign button to begin eSigning. The co-borrower can also eSign from this account
or from his or her own account.

You will be asked to enter in an authorization code. This should be provided to you at
the top of the email that was sent regarding signing eDisclosures.

Note: If you fail the authorization code too many times it will convert your package to wet sign,
please notify your LO if the authorization code you were provided is not working.



You will then be taken to a secure site to eSign your documents. Please make sure you have cookies enabled in your browser. To eSign a signing point, please make sure to click on the yellow box.

You may click "FINISH" at the bottom when you are finished.

After finishing the eSign portion, please scroll down and print any wet sign docs, then either fax to the
number on the coversheet or upload below.


If you have any further questions, please send an email to vivianliu@googain.com
with a detailed explanation of the problem and any relevant screenshots. Thank you!

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